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<p>Bonsai trees are living sculptures that make a perfect gift for someone special.</p> <p>For thousand of years bonsais trees have symbolized prosperity in China and other parts of Asia, this fascinating hobbie is popular today because it combines art and nature, it brings a sense of calmness to its enthusiastic and beauty to their decor.</p> <p>A care guide that accompany each tree makes caring for this unique gift easy and enjoyable, it includes tips on watering, ideal light conditions, humidity, trimming and wiring. You can chose from numerous bonsai varieties that are either suitable for indoor or outdoor locations.</p> <p>Dwarf Jade are quiet for begginers because they adapt well to a variety of light conditions and can manage without water for long periods.</p> <p>Flowering bonsai like our Gardenia produce scented blossoms, this wave ligh flowers emit a rich opulent fragrance.</p> <p>Our Golden Gate Ficus are imported from China where artisans hand wire each tree to create the trunk's beautifully swirl.</p> <p>Podocarpus trees are an ancient variety of bonsai with flattering needles that grow in a fringe-like form.</p> <p>Bonsai trees also offer a wide selection of forms including upright styles that are informal or casual.&nbsp; Broom form, cascading and multi-trees grows.</p> <p>Our supplier has over three acres of greenhouses and is North America's largest bonsai nursuries. Our team of profesionals is specially trained to make sure our trees have the characteristics that all good bonsai possess.</p> <p>Each tree has a fawning back, they also have a graceful type from the bottom to the top that highlights a graceful trunk movement and branch placement has a natural layered appearance.</p> <p>Bonsai actually means tree and pot so the pot is central to the beauty of the tree, our pots are sturdy surrounded ones and are carefully selected to compliment each tree.</p> <p>We take extra care to make sure that our trees reach their destination well hydrated and securely packed. The base of each tree is wrapped in plastic to retain moisture and prevent any top soil from spilling during shipment. Trees are wired to the pot, placed inside a double-wall cardboard for protection and secured with priority packing systems to keep them from shifting during transit.</p> <p>If you are the receptor of one of our bonsai here are a few helpful suggestions:</p> <p>Upon received simply open the box and take the tree out.</p> <p>A humidity tray and pebbles are in each shipment, place the pebbles in the tray, the bonsai on top of the pebbles and water.</p> <p>Use your tree as a focal point on the new room, bonsai provides a strong visual statement and gracefully bind art and nature into a single breathtaking presentation. Place bonsai in a location where maybe admirers as friends and family come and go, in entry ways, courtyards, and on patios and terraces.</p> <p>Group bonsai trees together to trap the eye and function as a living art collection, create a custom still life of bonsai trees to brighten any room. Bonsai trees bring together beauty and nature in an ancient tradition.</p> <p>As a gift they make a strong statement, with minimal care bonsai provide joy for years to come.</p>
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