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Watch this video for help in making your sympathy selection.
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<p>How to express sympathy with flowers and gifts.</p> <p>When it comes to offering condolences many people aren't sure what to do. Here's how to help you ensure that your gesture is appropriate and appreciated.</p> <p>You will need: Funeral service details, a personal touch and an appropriate message.</p> <p>Step one: Consider your relationship to the diseased or the deceased's family.</p> <p>It's customary for friends and coworkers to send standing sprays or standing baskets for display at the service; or flowers, plants, or gourmet food baskets to the grieving family's home. If the family request charitable donations in lieu of flowers by all means make a donation but you can send gift and flowers too.</p> <p>Step two: If the mourner is a colleague, consider pitching in with other coworkers on one large arrangement for the service, or send a food basket to family's home. If possible, include everyone's name on the card.</p> <p>Step three: Check the funeral home for guidance before placing your order. Also make sure what you have in mind fits with the mourner's religious and cultural traditions. Check out for more information.</p> <p>Most funeral homes don't accept food baskets</p> <p>Step four: Personalize your arrangement by using the deceased's favorite flower or color. Or custom-design an arrangement that reflects the person's interest with the help of a floral designer.</p> <p>Due to time constraints, be aware that floral substitutions occasionally may be made to ensure top quality.</p> <p>Step five: Include an appropriate message. It can be difficult to find the right words, but has dedicated sympathy professionals who can help you find the right phrase. Or, go online to select from a list of suggested sentiments.</p> <p>Step six: After the funeral, the next few months after a loss can be the hardest. For people dealing with a loved one&rsquo;s death, receiving flowers or a card after the condolences stop coming can be wonderfully comforting.</p> <p>Hi, I'm Jim McCan of, our products bring comfort in a very difficult time and as florist its our job to help you with express yourself in just the right way .</p> <p>We hope you find this video helpful.</p>

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