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Deck their halls with elegant beauty. Hand-selected by our expert growers, this farm-fresh gathering of the season's freshest blooms is paired with a vintage vase to brighten up any winter décor.
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Going to show you how to create a beautiful arrangement with the fresh picked holiday bouquet that you just received. This fresh picked series was inspired by bouquets that you might pick up at a farmer's market along a country road and you may have received our mason jar which was designed exclusively for eight hundred flowers and it says 'Fresh cuts' and it comes with a little t-light so when after you enjoy the bouquet, there's many uses. For this great mason jar it's very in trend now. You can actually put it on your front steps and light the way for Santa on Christmas morning or you may have received this fabulous reproduction of a depression glass tumbler, something that you might have seen in your grandmother's house. It brings back fantastic memories. It's one of those nostalgic pieces that I really love. So let me show you how to arrange this bouquet in the depression glass tumbler. There are actually two ways that you can arrange this bouquet. You can keep the bouquet in tact as it arrived just take the tie that's holding the flowers off. Measure the bouquet to the height that you would want it. This is a very small vase so you don't want the flowers too tall, probably about ten inches and you could cut all of the flowers at once on an angle and then place the whole bouquet in the vase. I'm going to take you through step by step so that you really understand the process a little bit more. The gerbera or the gerbera daisy bouquet come with this little nets that easily are removed by just taking it on the top and just giving it a little pull and these nets protect the gerbera daisies in the transportation from the farm to you. So you just kind of separate your flowers out a little bit. If your gerbera daisies have straws on them, which again helps protect the stem in transportation, I recommend removing those also. And what you want to do is you want to take one flower at a time. Lets start with our gerbera daisies, give it a fresh cut on an angle and place it into the container. We'll do the same thing, cut the other gerbera about the same height and put it on the opposite side. Then I'm going to add my roses and the beauty of the this bouquet is that you really want it to look like it was just fresh picked, there's nothing fussy or arranged about it. It really is as if you had gone out into your garden and picked some flowers in the colours of the season. Doing the same thing here with the green button palms. I'm going to take my baby's breath which I love baby's breath at the holidays because I feel like it looks like fresh fallen snow and you're just going to fill in between the stems. The baby's breath on one stem has many laterals and you can cut them off and use them individually especially when you're creating a petite bouquet like this. You can get a lot of use out of the multi laterals on the stem. And then we have a little monte casino which again is that just a road side variety that when arranged, just so, gives a feeling of effortless fresh beauty that you can enjoy all season long. And here's a very important tip. When your vessel has a limited amount of water in it, such as this container here, make sure that you add fresh water on a daily basis because your flowers will be drinking up the water as they hydrate and you need to add fresh water everyday. I love the size of this because it works great on a desk top, on a kitchen counter, anywhere that you can just use a little colour of the season, a little fresh flower to bring a smile to your face.

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