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I have a job that makes people smile many,many times, when we make deliveries. People are ,uh, pleasantly surprised. They're not expecting flowers. Sometimes they are and they're surprised even if they know they are getting flowers. People just like to get flowers. We're approaching our first stop now. I'm not sure who they're from but hopefully it'll make them smile and have a happy day. (Greetings) "Hi...Happy Birthday!" (Womans Voice) "I've really been having a crappy day!" (laughter) "My day started of a little sad, but this has really, you know, made my day. It's just so nice that my family thought so much of me to send me these flowers on my special day." Not only the card give you a message ,but the flowers give you a message as well. Flowers send a message. You know if you're receiving them somebodies things of you, caring or concerned about a situation that you're dealing with. (woman answers door) "what is this for?" (man responds) "Surprise!. Nice? Isn't that great?" (woman responds) "Thank you very much." (man) "'re very welcome." Yesterday was a crazy day because everybody had their proms I guess yesterday or either today. (Mans Voice) "How are you...1-800-Flowers...I have a delivery for you." There was a lot of excitement yesterday. A lot of smiles...a lot of smiles. Many of our deliveries are just to say "hello...I'm thinking of you." Doesn't have to be a birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion. I think those are the best. They're not expected and I think that puts a smile on peoples faces. Words alone don't say everything. So the flowers will speak for themselves. (womans voice) "Its from my parents! Congratulations because I got my tenure. From my mom and dad. I could never give back what they gave me. I'll start crying. It just makes you happy...just to look at reminds you of something good." When you come to the doorbellif you see me, if you see the flowers. It just sparks you up. What it does is it brings a smile to my face..because I know I did my job. (Mans voice) "somebodies smilin'" (womans voice) "awww...thank you., My sister and my niece." (laughter) (mans Voice) "from where?" (woman responds) "From Canada. My birthday" (man responds) " can't be more than 49." (woman laughs and responds) "75..." (laughter) (man) "" (Much laughter) Once she realized that it was for her birthday, you saw how much joy she got you know, and the smile that came onto her face. Because that was a beautiful arrangement. That's what its all abouthappiness. Every time you knock on a door and there's a recipient there you get a smile. They see the van out front, they know who you are, they know what you're doing there and it's nice. (excited womans voice) "Oh My Goodness!! They're so pretty!!" "Thank you!" "Have a nice day" "it's even got a smiley face on it...look at that.

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