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Hi Julie Mulligan chances are you're going to send or recieve flowers sometime this year. Here's a few trade secrets that's going to make your flowers last twice as long. Put a grid on top of the vase using waterproof tape. It can be green, clear, whatever you happen to have around the house, and the final piece of tape would go on the outer rim of the vase to hold the grid in place. Now the hydration is the most important part. So as soon as you get your grid made fill up the vase with warm water about three quarters of the way. Okay this little packet of flower food is going to make your flowers last twice as long. I am not kidding, twice as long. So make sure that you add it to the water. We send out this packet, usually two or three packets, with every bouquet we send out and it will dissolve on it's own and it's really really important. Now have your flowers ready to cut under water. This is really key. Fill up a sink, a bowl, you know whatever makes life a little bit easier for you. Now give it a nice cut underwater and place it immediately in your vase. That's why you want to have your vase ready first. You don't want any air getting in the stem which might block the flow of water and cause your head to droop on your rose. I'm sure everyone has seen that. If it does happen, do this. Cut your flower underwater and you'll see the difference. Now you just keep doing that with each one of your flowers and placing it in the vase. Look at this grid. How it holds your flowers in place, makes everyone a flower designer. Now you do this every couple of days. Remove the flowers that have passed their prime. Okay, three weeks later, you'll have something like this which I think is just as beautiful as it does a long stem roses. Place this on your night table or windowsill. It's beautiful. Who would think that they could enjoy fresh cut roses for three weeks. Now you know how to do it with tips from Julie Mulligan with 1800Flowers.

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