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Get DIY Thanksgiving table settings ideas with this video from lifestyle expert Julie Mulligan on how to create the perfect fall place setting!
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Hi, I'm Julie Mulligan for 1-800-flowers, and I'm here today with Danielle Capriati. Danielle is our product category manager in our plant category. Now, Danielle, this is one of my new product introductions for this year, the celebration trees, wanna tell us a little bit about the line? Sure, so the line includes a lot of different varieties, here we have the oak tree. The other varieties that we have are dogwood, magnolia, pine, we even have fruit bearing trees, like pear and apple. So I guess that it depends on who your sending it to, the area that they live in, the size of the property they have - and also what they like - mhmm, very good, nice selection, I wanted a few myself actually. Good. Now, why are you finding that customers are drawn to this product, why are they ordering it? So, it's called celebration trees because it's the perfect product to celebrate different occasions within your life, um, our best selling occasion happens to be memorial in the sympathy collection. Um, that's because it's a great way to send something to someone for them to plant and always think about that loved one - and it's a beautiful gesture. And, a lot of times people are a little bit lost, you wanna tell people how bad you feel, and you're not sure how to do it, this is a great way to let them know that you're thinking of them. Exactly. Well when I saw this line, and I'm preparing for Thanksgiving, I'm the hostess in my family, and I always like to set a table that's a little bit different, it's my opportunity to just have fun with it. I think of this as my blank canvas. And, I thought, how can I incorporate the tree into my table setting. And, Danielle and I got together, and I loved your idea Danielle, you wanna tell us about it a little bit here? So, I went to the craft store and I just got these great fall colored papers. Um and we cut them into oak leaf shapes, because we're using the oak leaf today in the centerpiece. And, what you can do is you can write everybody's name on it, and use it as a place setting. And then, as an activity while everybody's eating, or prior to when they're eating, you can write what you're thankful for - write it on the back - mhmm, it's a nice activity and in my family that's part of the tradition, we go around the table, videotape everyone has to say what they're thankful for. There's always tears, tears of joy. Sometimes, a little bit difficult time in the year, but we're all there for each other, that's what family is about, and I love the idea of this, because it kind of, you know, takes a little bit of the pressure off of just saying what you're thankful for, you got a little time to think, the kids can participate. And then, when you plant it outside, you can bury these leaves that are just made out of paper along with the tree and it truly becomes your family tree of gratitude, your Thanksgiving tree. Yeah, now about the planting, can you plant now? You can, um, you can plant til the first of the frost, so that could be depending upon where you live, it's within November probably. But, if you get to the frost and you haven't planted it yet, you can keep this plant inside your house, keep the soil moist, and it will last until the spring. And, then after the frost is over just plant it and you can watch it grow, and you'll always remember that special time you shared with your family. And, I love these little clothes pins that Danielle found to attach the leaf with the name on it on to the bowl, or you can do it on to the napkin and then use these clothes pins, that you can attach them to the tree, or you can place them around the base of the tree. Yeah, I was just gonna write mine and just keep it on the table, and you guys can talk about what you're thankful for. Actually, I'm thankful that my granddaughter Julia likes her school - it was a little bit rough in the beginning for the three year old sweetheart, I am thankful that all is going well now. SO we're just gonna finish up, we're gonna write our thanks down and we're going to decorate the tree and I hope we've inspired you to think outside the box just have fun with it, and remember what Thanksgiving is all about, whether you're the hostess, or you're going to someone's house - you can order this for yourself or you can send it ahead of time, and just share some of these ideas with your hostess. I think they'll love it, it really is a great product, and thanks Danielle. Thanks, I enjoyed doing this activity with you. Me too. Thanks.

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