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Orchids get most of their nutrients from the air and water, so they thrive easily, and maintenance is surprisingly simple.
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    You've just received an orchid as a gift. Orchids are exotic and beautiful, and surprisingly simple to care for. An easy to follow orchid care pamphlet is included with each orchid plant. Here are some simple do's and don'ts: Do take them out of the packaging as soon as possible; Do not grab or lift the stems or spikes. Remove the plant from the box by lifting the pot up with two hands; Do water them when needed; Do provide plenty of filtered light; Do not over water or let it stand in water; Do not place your orchid in direct sunlight; Do not place the orchid in high air movement areas, such as under air or heating vents. Easy Care Tips for a Healthy Orchid In general, orchids enjoy the same comfortable temperature ranges that we do, about 65 to 80 degrees during the day, with a drop of a few degrees at night. Remember that most orchids prefer a snug pot, with soil that is not over-watered. To determine if your plant needs water, check about 2 inches down in the growing medium. If it feels dry, it is time to water. Usually, every 7 to 10 days. There are several ways to water your orchids. The preferred method is to take the plants out from the decorative cachepot, thoroughly wet the potting media, and allow excess water to drain through. Another is to sprinkle 3-6 spoonfuls of water, depending on the size of the pot, over the top of the pot. Empty extra water at the bottom of the decorative pot, or you can place 3-6 ice cubes on top, and let them slowly water the orchid plant. But, with any watering method you choose, do not let your orchid plant sit in standing water. In dry or hot environments, mist the orchid leaves in the morning or early afternoon, and provide sufficient air circulation. Do not place your orchid in direct sunlight. Plenty of indirect filtered sunlight makes your orchids happy. After the last flowers have faded, cut back the stem or spike one inch from the bottom. This will put energy back into the plant. Continue to water and feed regularly. To induce spike, drop the room temperature by 10-15 degrees at night, for several weeks. A night temperature of 60-65 is ideal. With a little care, this exotic orchid will surprise you with its lasting beauty. Orchids make the perfect gift.

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