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[Bells] Another one of the truly original arrangements from 1-800flowers dot com this holiday season, is the starlight candy bouquet. It's the perfect color combination of red and white for the holidays, and it's, has features a vase within a vase; that's filled with these great little starlight mints on the outside. And you make your arrangement, of carnations: red, white and peppermint carnations, right in the center. It's very easy, I'm going to show you how to do it. And you'll be able to enjoy this fantastic arrangement for 2-3 weeks, because carnations last so long if you take care of them right. So this is the vase that you're going to be making your arrangement in. It's an acrylic container that has actually a vase within a vase. This has great after use. After the holidays, you can save this. You can put photographs around the outside, or if you collect sea glass, or. Anything that you can fit between the two vases makes this truly a original arrangement because it's going to be created by you, and it's going to be exclusive to you. And I love containers like that, that you can change up. So, you start by putting the water in the center vase. Fill it about, 1/2, 3/4, of the way up. And, only use half of the packet of flower food that comes with your bouquet. Because this is a short, small vase, and this is actually good for a quart of water. The best part is, save the other half, because every couple of days, you should take out your bouquet. Clean the vase, change the water, and then re-cut the carnations, and put them back in. Carnations are extremely hardy, so you probably could push this process off to even 5 or 6 days. But you do want to make sure that you change the water at least once throughout the life of the bouquet. So, you're going to fill up the, in a vase with the water first. And then you're going to add the starlight mints; the packet of starlight mints that also come with this bouquet. This is a fun little project to actually get some of the young children in your house involved in. You put them in, horizontally there, so that, it just, they just, fall to the center. And you fill up the whole vase. And it's making me feel like Christmas already. So, once you go and fill up the whole outer rim of the vase, you can start making your arrangement. To do that, you take carnation at a time. Some of the carnations will be extremely tight. And to just get them going, you can even just fluff them up a little bit, just by brushing the petals out. You should cut these stems about 7 inches, because you want this bouquet to really mound around the top of the container. So you cut, don't cut in the middle of one of these nubs on your carnation. Cut it above or below, and give it a fresh cut, on an angle, and place it immediately into the vase. You can alternate your colors, and criss cross your stems. You see how these are so close to the container? That's how you want, especially the outer rim to be. As you're going along, you can maybe cut the center ones, maybe 7 and a half, 8 that there's a little mound in the center of the bouquet. And, you just keep doing this. It's very easy. No fuss, no muss. Until you fill up the entire center vase with all of your carnations. [Bells] How precious is the finished product here? The 1-800flowers dot com starlight candy bouquet. Enjoy it all season long.

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