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Hi, I'm Jim Mccann, founder of and I want to tell you about a touching new book that celebrates something close to all our hearts: love. Celebrating Love is captivating new keepsake book filled with poignant stories shared by real people about the influence of love in their lives, and how it stirred their souls. Also included in Celebrating Love are fascinating facts and inspirational quotations along with imaginative illustrations. All commemorating the many facets of love through throughout the seasons: The love of my life, Mary Lou, and I recently celebrated our thirty-seventh wedding anniversary. And I remember in the springtime of our lives together, we were just a couple of kids struggling to make ends meet in the midst of babies and tight budgets and the demands of running a business. As we moved through the summer of our marriage, we learned that real lasting love is the feeling that somebody's got your back: the same somebody who knows all your bad habits, and loves you anyway. And now, as we stroll hand in hand, through the fall season of our love, and we look proudly on our children, and their growing families, we realize more than ever that having people we care about, who care about us, is the most important life celebration of all. Well, both Marilyn and I are both personally proud of celebrating love because it's more than just a book that will tug at your heart: it's a wonderful keepsake, you're be sure to cherish for years to come. Celebrating Love is available in bookstores and flower shops across the country. You can also order the book online at,, and In addition, I invite you to share your own love stories, by connecting with us at Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, perhaps your thoughts about someone special in your life will be cherished by others in a future edition of Celebrating Love. *muffled*

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