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Sp1: This is so fresh this eucalyptus. Sp2: It's just beautiful. It feels healthy, it smells healthy. Sp2: Look at how nice and long those stems are. You know people ask me, do you still get to work with flowers a lot, and I say well I insist on it. Sp2: I'm Jim McCann, founder of Here we are in Carpinteria, California. A beautiful micro climate. Although we're on the west coast, we face south. We're nestled between the mountains and the sea. 90 acres right here of the most beautiful flower production you're going to see anywhere in the world. Sp3: For the dahlia crop, we actually do bunch this in the field. It's a five stem bunch. Sp2: Oh you do the bunching right in the field. Sp2: People forget how the flowers are produced and where the come from, and when we get our florists here and see the production, it rekindles the kid in all of them. I could be back here picking for days. 33 years ago I found a flower shop for sale across the street from where I worked in Manhattan, and I liked the guy who ran it. he told me I could buy the flower shop and I did. These varieties of gerber, what stem length do you like to harvest them at? That began what's 30 plus years in this business. It's a pretty special business we're involved in. It's a hard working business, that's why it's a family business. So I get to know these wonderful people who usually run family business. And sometimes they're small and sometimes they're large but they all have the same characteristics. Passionate, dedicated, hardworking professionals. If I could walk our customers through these beautiful green houses and open fields of flowers, and see the growers passion. You know how they tend to the soil and how they love the product, I'd think flowers are going to become an even more important part of their life.

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