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Hi, I'm July Mulligan from 1800 Flowers.

And its time to deck the halls, wrap the gifts and get ready to celebrate the season.
One of the  most traditional icons of the holiday season is the Christmas Wreath. Wreaths have been around for thousands of years and they have been incorporated into so many cultures. It is a symbol of completeness and eternity, so it's not a surprise that it was incorporated into holiday traditions, Christmas traditions.
This is our classic Christmas Wreath and it's made from balsam that's grown in the forest of Mane, on a family own farm, it's hand crafted so that we can warranty that it's lush, it's fresh and it's extremely fragrant. So it really makes your hole house smell like Christmas, as soon as you walk on the door. And it come with a traditional velvet red bow, and it's great inside or out.
Also we have roses on special this week. So i've challenged two of our designers from our merchandising department: Natalie and Cynthia, to step outside the box, to use this simple ingredients the Hypericon Berries and the baby's-breath I added for an extra touch of texture, and I've asked them to create their own unique one of a kind Holiday arrangement. So, let's see what the girls did!

Ok Natalie, I like it, tell us a little bit about it...
Basically what I did is I took our Christmas Wreath and made a simple centerpiece. Every year I go to my mom's for the holidays, so I thought it would be a really great idea to bring her a nice Wreath to put on her table as a thank you for hosting the whole family.
And people don't think that way, they think Wreath: I have to hang it up. But it works perfectly on the table, because it's the right height and - what did you do with the roses? how did you put the roses in here?
Well what I did is I took our beautiful red roses, I cut them nice and short and
then I just took a simple water-tube that you can take at a florist or at a craftstore. And it's really easy, just fill it with water put your cup on and then your gonna simply just insert your rose. I actually used some Hypericon Berries on it just to add a little bit of texture to it. So all I did is take some berries, and just put them. You can see the berry nice and easy and it also has nice little stand to go into the water-tube with our roses. So it's nice and simple and then you just go around the arrangement and insert them as you see fits an its easy.

And then the water will keep the roses fresh.
I think it's important to note that you really need to fill the water-tube up completely, specially if you are putting it on an angle so that the end of the rose steams in the water.
And with roses I find that you can let them dry out and they still look nice for quite a while actually.
But if you wanted to make them stay fresher, as fresh cuts, you could take out the water-tubes and refill them very easily.
Absolutely you can keep them on the table for new years.
I think it's fabulous, what's the finishing touch on this?
Just take a simple candle, gold, anything that really goes with your table scheme
and just put it right in the middle. And its a simple, beautiful centerpiece.
And I see we have here the Dove bubble ball, this is a hand painted, candle holder. I think that would look fabulous here as well. This is our second year with Dove bubble ball so you may have received it as a gift or bought it for yourself last year. Here it's a new way to use it this year.
I think it looks fabulous, thank you Natalie.
Thank you so much!

Let's see what Cynthia's done!

Cynthia, I love it, you've taken a totally different approach and I'd like you to tell us a little bit about this.
Well, as a new homeowner I love to decorate my front door seasonally.
What I did was I took the Christmas Wreath and I actually first did something different where I twisted the velvet ribbon that was already on it upside down so that my ribbon was hanging downwards.
So what I did is I took an egg that you can buy from your local craftstore or your local florist, and you can use some wire, and you just enter in the hole to attach to the Wreath. Then you just easily, very simple, soak it the sink so you make sure it absorbs all the water and you just attach it to your Wreath, just wrap it around, and then you just cut the rose at the desired length, and its very easy, you just insert it into the oasis
So when you are designing you have it flat on the table it makes it much easier to work with and then you are creating an arrangement right in that oasis.
That's great, I love that.
Yes, and the oasis that absorbs the water, it keeps the roses lasting a lot longer.
Very nice, so what about the other roses?
The top one, because I didn't reach the oasis, I just did water-tubes just like Natalie did.
And the baby's-breath look great, the babie's breath you can just put snips from the stem right in the evergreen you don't need to put that into the water-tube.
Yes, the baby's-breath dries beautifully and it gives a little touch of snow on it.
This is beautiful, and now, imagine coming to someone front door and seeing this on the front door. You know that's the home of a creative person who likes to live life to the fullest, just like you, Cynthia.
I love it, it's fabulous.
Thank you so much Cynthia, this is beautiful, Natalie did a great job.
I want to tell you to stop back all season onto the 1800 Flowers Facebook page, our website and our blog, we are going to be posting lots of more ideas, using fresh cut flowers and evergreens so that you can just have some fun with it and create your own truly original arrangements.

Happy Holidays!
Bye bye, thanks!

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